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At World Class RV, our focus on developing Australia’s best A Class motorhome has just got better with three new models.

The impressive "de Vries  motor coach" rear engine Desert Diamond showcasing its ultimate level in style and sophistication, is complimented by the elegant and contemporary design of the "de Vries  motor coach " mid-engine Kimberley Rose, and the third being the front engine, flat floor, full side wall slide out "Lightning Ridge"


All models are fitted with the latest in Cummins engine technology that offer smooth and quiet operation with near ‘ZERO’ emissions and impressive fuel economy. Just as you would expect from a quality manufacturer like World Class RV and "de Vries motor coach ".

Our motorhomes are not American models modified after manufacture. All our motorhomes are designed to Australian standards and built from the factory floor up for Australian conditions with quality components sourced from American, European and Australian manufacturers.

The Cummins has over 1080Nm of sheer engine torque that is matched to the unbreakable 6 speed Allison transmission, a proven combination that offers more than enough power to keep the pace on Australian roads – just imagine, no more embarrassing and dangerous passing maneuvers.


Our chassis are custom built using the latest USA and European suspension systems to give you the best ride in the industry.

Home features include up to 1020litres of drinking water, eco toilet systems that require a once a year vacuum, solar energy and environmentally friendly systems.

Our products are truly ‘World Class’…..

We invite our customers to stay at our facility before, during and after purchase. Located on the beautiful Queensland Gold Coast you will learn more about our products, services and product support.

World Class RV also provides education while camping on site with your new coach prior to your journey of a lifetime. We recommend a 3 day stay to climatise to your new motor home at this unique facility that offers a relaxing tranquil atmospere.

Truly ‘World Class’…...

Welcome to World Class RV Pty Ltd


07 5527 8825

07 5527 8825

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Consumer Notice:

The "de Vries  motorcoach " motor homes are designed and manufactured by a genuine

Australian business and is a genuine original quality product with inovative Australian designs and features.

All our coach's are especially built for Australia and only for Australia at our De Vries Family privately owned USA facility.

All coach's come with Australia wide warranties, product support, service centres and roadside assist.

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